“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.”(Mark 2/17)

The proposed hospital for the poor and need is for the betterment of have nots belonging to religious multitudes and the people below proverty line. Its aim is not to make money but comply to the will of the God. It envisions to actualize the Holy verses in Mark-12:33, Hosia-6:6, Mica-6:8. The proposed hospital is planned to work on a cost to cost basis. The free ambulance service running only for the fuel cost for past one year can suffix this.

"The AMBULANCE owned by Gethsemane Charitable Trust, which renders round-the-clock service to poor patients"

"Construction works in progress for the expected Athmabhishekam Hospital & Nursing Home for poor and needy "
This project aims at helping the poor especially people, who are certified as Below Poverty Line.