I am Ananda bose A J and am residing at VB Gardens, Block no 1, F4, west pullikillam road, Chembumukku. Cochin 30. I was suffering from Arthritics from 1997 onwards and was under medication .Respected Mullakara Sir was conducting prayer meeting at Ernakulam TOWN hall in the month of July 2010 JESUS HEALED ME COMPLETELY , when Mullakar sir prayed for me form the terrible joint pain. Now am completely healed and my whole hearted thanks to GOD in heaven and Mullakara sir and his team

Praise the Lord. Myself is Antony. I am working with NBTC Kuwait. I was suffering from Back ache since 1986. By the grace of God I met Devasia Mullakara Sir in Kuwait on 21st October 2010. He prayed for my back ache and our Lord Jesus Christ healed my sickness completely. All honor and glory belong to our Mighty God “Jesus Christ”.
Tel: 00965 99114012.

Manoj B.C.
“Praise God”. In 1997 both the Knee caps of my legs were dislocated. I was unable to walk properly. The fear of dislocation always burdened me. In 2005 i met Devasia sir at Thiruvella and we prayed together and our Jesus healed me completely. By the grace of God I got a job in Kuwait and I met him again in Kuwait on 21st October 2010 at Mangaf. I utilise this opportunity to praise our “Living God” “Jesus Christ” for the deliverance.
Tel: 00965 65567658.   

Job Change & Relocation – Dr. Ramesh & Family
I'm Dr. Ramesh working here in Kuwait as Physician for Chest Hospital. I was planning for my job change to some other country for better prospects and last time Rev. Devesia Mullakkara Sir came to Kuwait I happened to meet him for the prayer and he prophesised by month of September this year I will move from Kuwait to some other country and will get better salary and other facilities and its came  true. I got a job in Doha, Quotar in the month of Spetember. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ
Dr. Ramesh
Ministry oh Health, Kuwait
Ph: 00965 66294587

My name is Jacob and my wife's name is Liji. We live in Stafford, TX, USA. We been married for the last eight years and been trying to have a child. On October 2009, my wife happened to see Mullakara sir and he prayed for us and got a vision from God saying that we either will have a baby in three weeks or three months. Three weeks later we were blessed with a child. She we was born on June 22, 2010 and her name is Celeste. Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord & All Glory and Honor To Lord Jesus Christ Myself is Thankavel and My wife is Sunitha . We belong to Chittoor, Palakkad District . I'm working with Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC). We had 3 children and due to various (hereditary) sickness all the 3 children were died at various ages. Our 1st child died on his third month, 2nd child died at the age of Eight and the 3rd child at the age of Six . We were worried and burdened but we hold hand of Jesus. All doctors proclaimed that because of the hereditary problems my wife will not be able to conceive another child. But a year back my wife got pregnant again and we visited the doctor for routine checkup. The doctors scolded us identifying the pregnancy but we decided to continue with the pregnancy. During the pregnancy period doctors advised that if it is a “baby boy” there is no chance of survival. But by the grace of God my wife delivered a “baby boy” and he is observed and analyzed by many specialist doctors. According to them he is having illness in his brain, lungs and other internal organs. We were burdened and worried again. During that time we came to know about the “ Athmabhishekam Ministries” Kuwait Chapter and we contacted Pr.Sojan.He prayed along with the prayer warriors of the church and prophesied that nothing will happen to our child and that boosted our faith & hope in Jesus. In the month of July 2010 Senior Pastor Devesia Mullakkara Sir visited Kuwait and by the grace of God we met him personally. He prayed for us and our Lord Jesus broke all our curses. He prophesied that our son will be completely healed. He told us to undergo all possible medical examination to prove that our son is healed completely. Accordingly we carried out all the medical check-up and even the MRI scan result proved that the baby is “normal”. Another miracle happened during the prayer to confirm our faith. My wife had problems with right ear hearing for the last 20 years. During the prayer Jesus opened her ear and now she can hear properly. This boosted our faith in Jesus and to believe in prophesies. All glory and honor to “Lord Jesus Christ” the ever loving and ever living God.
Thankavel & Sunitha
KNPC, Kuwait
Phone: 00965 66694388
Email : ktv_1964@yahoo.co.in
My family and I, From the Philippines, now living in the USA came to Rev. Devasia Millakara's house in Hicksville to be healed from him through Jesus Christ. I was practicing Tae kwon Do and I got into an accident and needed knee surgery. Once I came to him and got healed I am completely healed from his hand through GOD. THANK YOU! PRAISE THE LORD! also my mother was suffering from a Thyroid disfunction and arthritis and now we believe she is healed, along with my father whom has diabetes and still he was touched by GOD. We Believe that he doesn't need to take medication, but we will be testing his blood sugar later on.
Kevin and Family
1144 Midland St.
Uniondale, NY 11553
(516) 214-4910
Testimony of Fr John Jayaraj from Kundara, Kerala in the presence of Vicar, Neyyattinka Parish. Father John’s hand and finger bones where broken in an accident. Father has come for the healing prayer, when the doctors adviced father to keep the plaster for 10more months but the Divine Healer has done the miracle and healed it. Father has removed the plaster there itself and don’t have any pain. Thank You Jesus
My name is Shinto mattaranical, is part of MaryLand parish and have attended Rev Mullakkara Sir retreat at Alappuzha Nedumudi Church. I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and was taking treatment from Kottayam Medical College. It is in the serious end stages that the doctors said I will live only for next 72 hours. But my ever living Father has spoken to me through Rev Devasia Mullakkara Sir. When my parents and relatives had carried me to the retreat I walked through the retreat place on the third day my own. That day I has the complete healing and today I have no health problems, I started going to my degree classes. Jesus has done the miracle
I’m Mini Johnny of Vayikkiridesam, Perumbavoor, Kerala was suffering from psoriasis for past 12 years. I came to Rev Devasia Mullakkara Sir for prayer when I was totally sick because of fever and the psoriasis disease at critical stage with wounds at most part of the body. I lost all hope about life. Sir has prayed and told me that I will have a complete deliverance from disease. As said GOD has touched me through Devasia Mullakkara sir and I’m healed completely. Thank You Jesus Thank You Sir for praying for me.
I’m Binu Kuriakose, On 2009 July 6th while cutting the rubber wood a big log end has hit my leg below my knee. My leg has broken it so many pieces above and below the knee. I have taken treatment from Pushpagiri Medical College and was bed ridden with plaster. But almost 3.5 inches my bone has been in a powdered state so the doctors were in conclusion that I won’t be able to walk further. I always believed that my Jesus will give me complete healing. And on Nov 19th 2009 I have attended the blessing service by Rev Devasia Mullakkara Sir at Doctor’s Club @ Kollam .Through Devasia Mullakkara sir Jesus has touched me and given me the perfect healing and I was able to walk on the same day after 5months. Thank You Jesus for the miracle you have done for me.

My name is Susan and my husband is Tommy living in Canada. We are married for 9 and a half years now childless. In August 2009 when Devasia Sir came to USA I contacted him. He prayed for us and told that I would become pregnant the same year. As he said I became pregnant in October 2009 and the Almighty blessed us with a beautiful baby boy Josiah Tommy George on July 4th 2010. Thankyou Jesus for your precious miracle to us.

My name is P M Poulose, almost 1yr back I had noticed fungus like growth on my tongue. After some days my tongue has strong burning sensation and severe pain. When the same has been slowing changing to wounds i have the same tested with the physician and shocked to know that it is cancer. Then the days followed with treatments which gave me temporary relief. In the month of October 2009 I came across Rev Devasia Mullakara sir program on surya tv and inside i got the feeling that my GOD can heal me. Then I have contacted Rev Devasia Mullakara sir through phone and he has prayed and confirmed me that my cancer has been healed. When I went to my doctor he has very glad and partially shocked to confirm me that my cancer has been completely healed. PM Poulose, Marthahally, Billya Village, Puttor, South Karnataka

I’m Soosamma Thomas, last four years I was suffering from S.L.E disease (it’s a disease which causes the decay of cells). I have taken treatment from almost all famous hospitals in Kerala but there was no improvement at all. Finally when I was left without much hope I have turned to my ALMIGHTY. In the month of FEB 2010 at M.G.M auditorium I have attended the retreat and my GOD through Rev Devasia Mullakkara healed me. I’m enclosing the test results along

Myself Deepthi Christo Raslam from Trivandrum, presently settled at Singapore. We don’t have children even 5yrs after our marriage and we were very heavy at heart on that. On 2009 Feb 6th Rev Devasia Mullakara sir was with my uncle Dr S J Manomohan & he had prayed for us over phone. Sir told me that, he is getting the digit 6 and within 6 months God will do a miracle but again when he prayed he has told God will do the miracle in 6 weeks and also he spoke about a second child. After the prayer when I was listening to the devotional CDs, I prayed to My Jesus in tears that “sir has got the digit 6 while praying for me and also today is date 6th dear Jesus you can do miracle to me today”. Each time we have tested the result was negative and we felt depressed and sad, but in the month of Feb when we tested the result was +ve. Also after 3 weeks when we went for the scanning, we got the exact result as sir told we have twins. God blessed me giving two daughters at a time.

My name is Mukundhan and I’m residing at Delhi with my family for years. From past 30yrs I was suffering from piles and have done lot of treatment which has ended in failure. Jesus has delivered me from my state of disease & heavy heartedness through His servant Rev Devasia Mullakkara sir. I have attended the blessed Atmabishekam Convention at this time and through Rev Devasia Mullakkara, Jesus has completely healed my piles which I believed no one can deliver me in this life.

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