• Athmabhishekam vision

    In the year 2003 we implemented our vision of preaching the Gospel through T.V.channels in Malayalam. God gave his full strength from every side to fulfill our vision and so now we have a wide spread televangelism ministry. through various.Television channels.We preach about God's love towards the broken hearted and sinners and we get good responses from them. They are being touched by the Holy Spirit. Gethsemane is the name of the place from Bible where Jesus prayed. Rev.Devasia found inspiration in this and he too decided that this was most appropriate name for the prayer group that he started with his fellow prayer friends. He started prayer sessions initially from his residence and alongside began to preach at meetings held locally. As word spread of his prayer sessions, some Catholic churches and other individual prayer groups began to invite him to conduct retreats at various places in Kerala and in other places in India. Rev.Devasia’s retreats that celebrated the life and message of the Lord Jesus Christ gained reputation and by the early 1990s he had a large and true following. The retreats were witness to the immense power of prayer. Miracles happened. The sick were healed and childless couples were blessed with children through prayer. Miracles still occur. We are engaged in Television Ministry for the International Church and conducting meetings daily in the places where the church calls us. We are preaching theWord of God in Television Channels like Surya T.V (Daily 5:30 AM to 6:00AM ) and also in a few local Channels.God is bringing forth through a group of dedicated, anointed and prayerful servants of God an independent Church group Called Church of Eternity which has local churches in Kuwait and different parts of Kerala. God is adding new converts to these Churches. We are running Old age homes (Achan-Amma Kilikkudu) under the joint venture of Gethsemane Charitable Trust and Chaithanya Social Service Society for parents belonging to all religions who are rejected by Children and have mental in balances. Our monthly publication Athmabhishekam presents its readers with a variety of articles and Bible Studies which describes the work of the Holy Spirit.