Rev. Devasia Mullakara is a retired teacher. He is the spiritual heart of Gethsemane Charitable Trust and has been the guiding force that has transformed the centre from its humble beginnings into being one of the largest charity organizations in Kerala – a place for the true believer and the needy; and a centre that restores the true message of Christ to the faithful.
He started his mission in Kasaragod Dist in North Kerala, where he lived with his family. After his communion with the Holy Spirit, he dedicated his life to studying the Holy Bible. He was disturbed to find that most traditional catholic and non catholic churches were interpreting the Bible to suit their ways of teaching, desecrating the most important command in the Bible that nobody is permitted to alter the Bible in any way by adding or remove any thing from it.
He criticized the wrong teachings by the Christian churches and priests through his speeches, especially against idol worship, praying to dead people called ‘saints,’ and other beliefs and forms of worship that is not supported by the Bible.

Rev. Devasia dedicated his efforts towards restoring the true message of Christ to the faithful and in founding works of charity which he believed was true service to God.

He established the Chaithanya Social Service Society which supports old age homes, and runs a hospital. He believed that in order to deliver the true message of Christ, he had to break away from the traditional and conventional. He founded the Church of Eternity. Rev. Devasia conducts gospel meetings the world over.